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  • Kansai University Faculty of Informatics

This project aims to revitalize Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture,
by means of the research and study capabilities of the Faculty of Informatics in combination with
the technologies and ideas of enterprises that are playing active roles at the business forefront.
The project will use a variety of technologies including celestial sphere photographing and unmanned aircraft aviation
to rediscover the attractiveness of the local area and delivery an impressive experience to society.

Project Overview

Rediscovering the attractiveness of town, thus leading to town activation under industrial-government-academia cooperationる

Project Overview

Professors and students of the Faculty of Informatics will collaborate with BLUE INNOVATION Co., Ltd., a professional enterprise for unmanned aircraft, and Daiko Advertising Inc., an enterprise rich in innovative ideas, and transmit the contents showing the attractiveness of towns under the cooperation of Takatsuki.

An advanced initiative for gathering the technologies and ideas of the university and enterprises

Project Overview

The project will make use of a celestial sphere camera and unmanned aircraft, and from a unique perspective, the camera will shoot the images of the nature and features of the area at various times throughout the year to reflect all four seasons. The project will take advantage of university research to provide an interactive experience.

Professional pilot and student collaboration opens up the future

Project Overview

Students will learn the safety, aviation, and operation of unmanned aircraft from a professional pilot, and operate actual unmanned aircraft after sufficient practice under the assurance of safety. As a result, the project will connect advanced technology to new ideas.

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Introduction of Active Members

  • Masahiro Hori, Professor
    Specialized area:Knowledge and information science/User-centered design

    Professor Masahiro Hori will serve as the project leader to pull the team together by not only taking charge of information technology but also deciding on various matters, such as the building of a good relationship with the local community, consideration of the entire progress, and dissemination of information to the society, from a broad point of view. He is a calm and reliable person who has passionate aspirations and a strong will to accomplish his undertakings.


    He has been researching design techniques to achieve an easy-to-understand information system that will enable users to access required information with ease among the vast amount of information provided via the Internet, as well as an education support system that will use a game design mechanism to enhance the motivation of leaners.

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  • Takefumi Hayashi, Professor Specialized area: Human interface

    Professor Takefumi Hayashi will supervise the team. He has a strong inquiring mind to acquire and try new technologies, such as unmanned aircraft and eye wearable equipment. He is in full pursuit of anything that sounds interesting, and his activity range is widely diversified. He is very popular among students.


    He has been making the following researches for the purpose of elucidating the information processing mechanism of humans centered on visual information and clarifying the information presentation method of a human interface: 1. Study on a visual information processing mechanism, 2. Study of a visualization system in the physics and engineering fields, 3. Study of cultural capital contents.

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  • Takashi Iura, Associate Professor Specialized area: Media Art

    Associate Professor Takashi Iura is an artist who produces a variety of works by making use of his sharp sensibility to information technology. He conducts fieldwork with students, and serves as a good adviser with youthful unique ideas.


    His research theme is the interaction of visual and auditory senses, on which he has been working by using both video and audio expressions in order to overcome the barrier between media technology and human sensibility. With consideration of art, science, and culture related to visual and auditory senses, he has been exploring the possibility of representation beyond the framework of each sense through experimental representation as he attempts to cross the expression region of video and music.

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Introduction of Student Members

Students of the Faculty of Informatics have been learning leading-edge areas of study, including video editing, graphic representation, and programming. The students who have unique ideas that take advantage of youth will participate in the project.

Introduction of Active Members

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Self-regulation of Flights

  • The project sets self-regulations to prohibit the aircraft from flying in the following airspaces or conditions
  • Over nuclear facilities and petroleum complex facilities
  • Over railroads and expressways
  • Over people
  • During the night
  • Over unauthorized private property and public roads
  • Locations that are not visible
  • In the sky where helicopters etc. are flying
  • Near buildings that are susceptible to collapse
  • Places with a concentration of power lines
  • When a risk or danger is predicted
  • When the wind velocity 1.5 m above the take-off point is in excess of 5 m/s (when the wind velocity may exceed 8 m/s in the sky)
  • When it is raining or snowing
  • When thunder is heard
  • Areas where GPS signal reception is not possible (e.g., indoors, in tunnels, under bridges, etc.)
  • Locations that may be affected by electromagnetic waves, such as areas close to high-voltage towers, mobile phone base stations, and radio towers.