AGxKANSAI 2022 Art and Philosophy in the 22nd Century After ARAKAWA+GINS

Date: March 11–15, 2022 Venue: Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto, Japan
(on-site and online)

On-Site Lecture 2 (J/E)
Reversible Destiny Opened in Zero Gravity

Yasuo Nomura Japanese session with English translation

Based on my research at Reversible Destiny Foundation and interviews with related people in New York, together with my past fieldwork in Japan, I will consider the possibilities of Reversible Destiny Architecture in zero gravity that might be realized in a coming space age. This presentation will be accompanied by the display of my models. In the past, I have explored through painting the issue of spatiality and dimensionality and the expansion of our bodily perception. I have seen much in common between the visions of Reversible Destiny Architecture proposed by Arakawa + Gins and the possibilities of a new sense of the body that the next space-age generation of humans will acquire in a condition totally liberated from gravity. I would like to imagine what kind of Reversible Destiny Architecture the two would envision, should they survive into the future space age.

Nomura Yasuo is a New York-based artist. Having studied oil painting at Musashino Art University in Japan, he received the study-abroad grant for an emerging artist from the Agency of Cultural Affairs in 2018 and a Vilcek Foundation grant in 2021. He works in a transdisciplinary manner and proposes "Dimensionism," an art movement that explore higher dimensions and gravity, in order to revitalize our perception and cognition through art.

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