Special Session on "Information Systems for Design and Marketing" in IEEE SMC 2016
9-12 October,2016,Hotel Intercontinental Budapest,Budapest,Hungary.


In this special session, we discuss and study information systems for activating and integrating two business phases, i.e., design and marketing (D&M) to reinforce manufacturing/production teams. We highlight designers and marketers as the brains of enterprise creativity, living on information circulation. We aim to establish information system consisting of humans, computers, and their social environment, and stimulate dynamic streams of information and data. In order to find new horizons, we would like to encourage participations from various domains systems design, marketing science, knowledge/chance discovery, decision making, communication analysis, business sciences, and ideas beyond existing disciplines.


Technical issues include (but not limited to)

-social and organizational design
-system design
-network design
-product design
-servise design
-inovation and organizational change
-marketing science
-consumer behavior
-retailing and pricing
-customer relationship management
-brand management
Data Mining
-machine learning algorithms and methods
-text and semi-structured data mining
-pattern recognition
-knowledge representation
-statistics and probability


Please see the website of SMC 2016.
Manuscripts for a Special Session should NOT be submitted in duplication to any other regular or special sessions and should be submitted to SMC 2016 main conference online submission system on SMC 2016 conference website. All submitted papers of Special Sessions have to undergo the same review process (three completed reviews per paper). The technical reviewers for each Special Session paper will be members of the SMC 2016 Program Committee and qualified peer-reviewers to be nominated by the Special Session organizers.


April 15, 2016:
- Deadline for submission of regular, special, short, demo, and poster sessions
May 25, 2016:
- Acceptance notification for all categories of papers and posters
Jul 9, 2016:
- Final camera-ready papers due for regular, special and demo paper sessions


Kansai University Data Science Laboratory


Session Chair:
Yada, Katsutoshi (Kansai University, Japan)

[Contact Person]
Katsutoshi Yada, Ph.D.
Professor of Management Information System
Data Science Laboratory, Kansai University.
OSAKA, 564-8680, JAPAN.
Kansai University Data Science Laboratory

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