AGxKANSAI 2022 Art and Philosophy in the 22nd Century After ARAKAWA+GINS

Date: March 11–15, 2022 Venue: Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto, Japan
(on-site and online)

On-Site Paper Session and Q&A Session of Pre-Recorded Papers (J)

Japanese session
  • Takashi Sekiya, "From Mishima Yukio to Arakawa Shusaku, and from Arakawa Shusaku to Mishima Yukio" (On-Site)

  • Tomoaki Tateishi, "Cordinologist as DIY (Various "Procedural Architecture" Cases and a Request for Procedure Practice)" (On-Site)
    * reference material

  • Takuma Kuragaki, "The Mechanism of Not to Die" (Pre-Recorded)
    * reference material

  • Chihiro Ito, "Arakawa’s Paintings and my Paintings in Contemporary America: My Works in Homage to Arakawa" (Pre-Recorded)
    * pre-recorded paper

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